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Gold: An Enduring Heritage

Updated: Jan 31

In these uncertain times when currencies are losing value, inflation is rising, and instability is around every corner, owning precious metals is more important than ever.

Imagine that 50 years ago your grandfather decided to leave you an inheritance. He put $10,000 in a wooden box for you. His intention was that with those $10,000, you could afford a down payment on a new house, which at that time (1973) in the United States had an average price of $32,500. His goal was that with that money you could afford to pay, in cash, exactly 30% of the value of that house.

Let's suppose now that today you open that box with your name engraved on it. What do you think you will find?

What Happens to Value through the Years?
What Happens to the Value of your money through the Years?

Truly Enduring Value

The first possibility is that your grandfather left you a check dated 1973 for the amount of $10,000. Unfortunately, the issuing bank ceased to exist a few years ago.

The second possibility is that you inherited from your grandfather one hundred bills of $100 each, in paper money.  He probably foresaw the risk of the bank disappearing, and decided to leave the money in cash for his grandson's future trusting Uncle Sam will not go out of business.

The third option is that he left you 100 coins of pure gold in the box, each weighing one ounce: 100 ounces of gold, which were worth exactly $100 each in 1973.

What Happens to the Value of your Inheritance through the Years?

In the first scenario, you could frame the check in order to preserve it and hang it on your wall as a reminder of your grandfather's good intentions. Your grandfather’s sentimental value would still be priceless, however, the check’s monetary value has unfortunately disappeared.

On the second case, the $10,000 in cash, while still having purchasing power, would not be enough to cover the down payment on a new house.  Today (2023) in the United States the average price of a new house is $430,000. With $10,000 dollars today, you would only be able to cover 2.3% of the value of the house.

On the other hand, in the third scenario, the 100 ounces of gold, which at the time were worth $10,000, are worth today more than $200,000. With them, you could not only cover the 30% down payment for the new house that your grandfather had envisioned for you, but you would have enough to pay for almost half of the value of that house (46.5% exactly). Thanks to this, your grandfather's dream would have been more than fulfilled. This is an example of how gold represents a shield for your money, preserving, and even increasing, just like fine wine, its value over time. Thus, Gold is an enduring inheritance.

Preserve Wealth Safely

What would you do now if you were in your grandfather's shoes? How would you protect your savings? What choice would you make thinking about your children or your own retirement?

The advantage of saving in precious metals, such as gold and silver is precisely their lasting value over time. You can rest assured that not only will your precious metals maintain the dollar price you paid for them, but will also increase in value over the years, while the paper dollars you have in your pocket will become smaller and smaller fractions of themselves.

Protect your Savings

Aktagold's mission is to help people around the world protect their wealth from the economic and financial instability of their home countries. Aktagold provides them with access to saving in physically-allocated gold, stored in Canada's most secure vaults, an option that was previously reserved only for the wealthiest.

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