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Why Does Gold Always Preserve Its Shine?

Gold is famous for its distinctive shine. Due to its beauty and durability, this precious metal has been used in jewelry, coins, and cultural artifacts throughout history. But have you ever wondered what it is that makes gold maintain its shine so persistently?

Closeup of gold beans
The electronic configuration of gold contributes to its stability and shine.

Gold's Extraordinary Chemistry

Gold is chemically inert, which means it does not easily react  with most chemicals. This includes acids and bases, which can corrode other metals. The chemical inertness of gold protects it from corrosion and decay, preserving its shiny appearance over time.

Gold is also resistant to oxidation. Unlike other metals, gold does not easily react with oxygen in the air. This means that an oxide layer does not form on its surface, thus allowing its shine to remain intact.

Gold is considered a noble metal, a term used to describe metals that are resistant to corrosion and oxidation in humid environments. Although platinum and palladium are also considered noble metals, gold is the most resistant of all, a quality that contributes to its durability and permanent shine.

Gold Seen Under the Microscope

The electronic configuration of gold contributes to its stability and shine. The electrons in the outer shell of the atom are arranged in such a way that they do not easily blend with other elements. 

In that sense, gold has the ability to reflect light very efficiently. The electrons on the surface can vibrate at the same rate as the incident light, reflecting the light back and creating a constant glow. This property is one of the reasons why gold is visually attractive.

Due precisely to its long lasting shine, gold has historically been used in the manufacture of jewelry, coins, art and luxury items. In addition to conveying wealth and power, ancient civilizations valued gold for its beauty and capacity to maintain its appearance unchanged over time. This unique quality, coupled with its scarcity, is what makes gold continue to be the most valued monetary metal in the world to this day.

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