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Aktagold - July 2024 Report


Monthly Analysis Report

July 2024


Gold Price - June 2024

(Prices per ounce)

  • Start: $2,327

  • Average: $2,328

  • Close: $2,348

  • Highest: $2,382 (7-Jun)

  • Lowest: $2,294 (9-Jun)


Source: World Gold Council


During June, gold reaffirmed its recently-established support level around the $2,300 / oz. During a mostly uneventful month, gold rose from $2,327 / oz on June 1st, to its highest level of the month on June 7 ($2,382 / oz), followed by a sharp decline leading to its lowest level of the month on June 9 ($2,294 / oz). Gold closed the month of June at $2,348 / oz.

The balance of the month was a moderate + 0.93% increase in price, equivalent to + $21 / oz. The average gold price during the month of June was $2,328 / oz.

As of June 30, 2024, gold's accrued price performance is:

  • 1-Month: + 0.93%

  • 6-Months: + 12.74%

  • Year to Date: + 12.74%

  • 1-Year:  + 22.15%

  • 5 Years: + 66.03%

In the News

  • ECR Research's most recent Gold Report analyzes the fundamental, geo-political and technical factors behind gold's current uptrend.

  • Rosenberg Research's "Why Gold is Glittering" makes a comprehensive case on why gold is headed for $3,000 / oz or higher.

Quote of the Month

"If the world does well, gold will be fine. If the world doesn't do well, gold will also do fine... but a lot of other things could collapse."

Thomas Kaplan

Protect your Savings

Aktagold helps individuals around the world protect their wealth from the economic and financial instability of their home countries by providing them with access to saving in physical gold, safely stored in Canada's most secure vaults.

What used to be reserved for the wealthiest is now available to you.

Contact us to learn more.


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