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The Royal Canadian Mint: Prestige of the highest level

The Royal Canadian Mint has earned a global reputation for its quality, excellence and safety. The safekeeping of gold and silver ingots in their high-security vaults, as well as the refinement of these precious metals and the production of coins for different countries, are part of the first-class services the Mint has offered for almost 100 years.

Over the years, the Royal Canadian Mint has produced an impressive variety of coin designs, both for circulation and for collectors. In addition, its gold and silver ingots are recognized throughout the world for their quality, purity and strict controls in their manufacturing.

 Its primary responsibility is to produce coins for circulation in Canada.
Its primary responsibility is to produce coins for circulation in Canada. Royal Canadian Mint

The Origin of the Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Mint was born in England in 1858 and produced coins specially minted for their use in the territories of the British Empire, including the territory that would later become Canada. Half a century later, this corporation opened its first official branch in Ottawa to continue the production of Canadian coins.

In 1931, during the days of the Great Depression, the Ottawa branch of the Royal Mint negotiated its separation from the United Kingdom’s Royal Mint to officially form the Royal Canadian Mint. In 1976, national and international demand for the Royal Canadian Mint’s coins grew to the point that the institution built new facilities in Winnipeg, where it strengthened its production capabilities of coins for other countries.

While the Royal Canadian Mint's primary responsibility is to produce coins for circulation, it also produces a variety of other precious metal items such as medals and special edition collector coins.

The Value of Purity

Just as the Royal Canadian Mint is recognized for the coin manufacturing for Canada and over 70 countries, its prestige extends to the production of gold and silver bullion too. The state-of-the-art refining technology and processes used at the Royal Canadian Mint set the standard for purity on the world stage, with a guaranteed purity of 99.99%.

This purity rating has long made the Royal Canadian Mint gold bars the top choice for  investors to increase their gold bullion holdings, which vary in presentation, size and weight, from 1 ounce to 400 ounces.

Unbreakable Refuge

The Royal Canadian Mint's maximum security vaults stand out for their advanced design and impeccable security protocols. They are designed to preserve precious metals with absolute integrity, offering high-level protection that integrates state-of-the-art surveillance and restricted access systems.

The Royal Canadian Mint adopts cutting-edge technology, from biometric systems to real-time monitoring, staying at the forefront of protection. By combining tradition and modern technology, it strengthens the trust placed in its protection services.

Transparent and Reliable Services

The Royal Canadian Mint provides efficient and transparent security and safeguarding services to governments, financial institutions and private investors. More than just storing precious metals, its services include inventory management, regular audits and secure deliveries, thus reinforcing its long history of reliability, transparency and traceability.

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