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  • Why save with Aktagold?
    Aktagold helps individuals from around the world to buy physical gold and securely store it in world-class vaults in Canada. Learn more
  • Who are Aktagold’s partners?
    Aktagold has partnered with some of the most reputable precious metals trading companies globally, including Kitco Metals (Canada), Auvesta (Germany) and Rheingold Edelmetall (Liechtenstein), to provide our clients with best-in-class acquisition and storage.
  • What makes Aktagold different?
    Access: Aktagold provides you with access to saving in precious metals at highly-competitive, institutional-investor prices. This used to be reserved for large investors and high net-worth individuals only. . Safe Asset: Aktagold helps you protect your wealth, by saving in a centuries-tested protection asset, decoupled from your local currency and the financial markets. Safe Location: Aktagold allows you to keep your gold savings in a secure jurisdiction, safe from the risk of theft, and away from the economic / political risk of your country of residence.
  • Who can open an account with Aktagold?
    Anyone over the age of 18 can open an account with Aktagold, regardless of nationality and country of residence (with a few exceptions). We open accounts for individuals who want to protect some of their wealth outside of their home country.
  • How can I open my Aktagold account?
    You can set up your account with Aktagold through our website or by calling our support line, where our customer success team will guide you through our account opening process.
  • What documents should I provide in order to open my account?
    You just need to provide a copy of your government-issued ID, and a copy of a proof of address.
  • Does Aktagold share my personal information with third-parties?
    No, Aktagold will not share your personal information with third parties. Your data is protected under the U.S. Data Protection Laws. You can read our Privacy Policy here.
  • Aside from gold, can I save in other precious metals?
    Yes. In addition to gold, Aktagold offers you the choice to save in silver.
  • Where are the precious metals sourced from?
    Precious metals for the AktaPlus account are sourced by our partner, Kitco Metals and safely stored in world-class storage facilities at the Royal Canadian Mint.
  • What is the physical form of the precious metals I am saving into?
    As an Aktagold client, you hold investment-grade physical gold and silver:. Your VaultChainTM Gold holding represents 100% ownership of .9999 pure gold bullion. Your VaultChainTM Silver holding represents 100% ownership of 999.9 pure silver. You maintain full ownership of your gold and silver holdings at all times. Aktagold is not a security, derivative, future or other financial contract. Aktagold is physically-allocated gold and silver, safely stored at the Royal Canadian Mint.
  • How can I monitor the value of my precious metals?
    You can check the value of your precious metals anytime, by accessing the “My Holdings” section of your account on Aktagold’s website.
  • Can I have the gold I purchased delivered to me physically?
    No. Aktagold is designed to help you protect your savings in a safe jurisdiction, away from your local country's risk. Therefore, we do not manage physical delivery of metals.
  • Is there a minimum amount to open an AktaPlus account?
    You can open your account with an initial deposit starting from US $10,000.
  • Is there a maximum amount to open an AktaPlus account?
    There is no maximum amount you can deposit into your Aktagold Account.
  • What is the minimum suggested time I should keep my AktaPlus account?
    There is no minimum duration for an AktaPlus account. However, since precious metals are typically a long-term investment aimed at protecting your assets, AktaPlus account holders are typically long-term (5+ year) clients.
  • Can I sell my holdings in an AktaPlus account?
    Yes. You can sell part or all of your holdings in your AktaPlus account anytime you want and transfer the proceeds of your sale into your designated bank account.
  • If I have an AktaPlus account, can I make additional, one-time deposits ?
    Yes. You can always make additional deposits to your AktaPlus account by accessing "My Plan""→"Plan Details" on the Akagold website, select “AktaPlus” and enter the amount of the additional deposit you would like to make. You can make additional contributions from US $100.
  • What does it cost to open an account with Aktagold?
    The setup fee for opening a new AktaPlus account is a US $250. This one-time fee gives you access to a precious metals account set up with Aktagold, with safe storage at the Royal Canadian Mint, for as long as you wish to keep your holdings protected with us.
  • How competitive is Aktagold’s gold and silver pricing?
    One of Aktagold’s main advantages is its highly competitive gold and silver pricing. We can offer this to our clients thanks to our ability to buy large-format gold and silver bullion in high volumes. We pass on these savings to our clients, resulting in a pricing that used to be reserved to institutional investors, which most retailers cannot match.
  • Are there any other costs involved?
    To keep your precious metals securely stored at the Royal Canadian Mint, an annual Custodian fee of 1.5% of the value of your precious metals is debited from your account. This covers all costs including storage, precious metals guarantee, and fiduciary oversight.
  • How can I transfer funds into my Aktagold account?
    You can transfer funds to your AktaPlus account via wire-transfer (international) or domestic transfer (U.S. only).
  • In which currency can I deposit funds to my Aktagold account?
    Aktagold purchases are done in US dollars, therefore your deposits should also be made in this currency.
  • In which currency is the Aktagold account denominated?
    The Aktagold account is denominated in US dollars.
  • Does the amount I pay towards my Aktagold plan include taxes?
    No sales tax applies when purchasing gold or silver with Aktagold, since metal is held in bonded vaults at the Royal Canadian Mint, making your metal purchases tax-exempt. You should check tax rules in your country of residence to determine if taxes are due on the profit you make from the sale of precious metals.
  • Does Aktagold retain part of my payment towards my Aktagold plan to cover taxes in the country where my gold is stored?
    No. We do not deduct, nor retain any amount of your payment towards taxes.
  • Where will I receive the proceeds from selling my precious metals holdings?
    Whenever you sell part or all of your precious metals, the proceeds will be deposited into your designated account registered with Aktagold.
  • Can I change my designated account I registered for receiving my funds from Aktagold?
    Yes. You can update your designated withdrawal account, provided that the name of the account holder matches the name under which you opened your Aktagold account.
  • How does Aktagold ensure the transaction made happens without any issues?
    Aktagold uses VaultchainTM ledger technology, powered by TradewindTM for data accuracy, real-time tracking and transparent auditability. You can verify your metal holdings anytime, with an accuracy of up to 1/1000 of an ounce, on the "My Holdings" section of the Aktagold website.
  • What proof will I get that a certain amount of gold / silver is mine?
    You can check your precious metals holdings’ at any time directly at the "My Holdings" section of the Aktagold website. You can also download your Aktagold Holdings Certificate, properly signed, sealed and dated.
  • Where are my precious metals stored?
    Your precious metals are safely stored in world-class, high-security vaults at the Royal Canadian Mint.
  • How reliable is the Royal Canadian Mint?
    The Royal Canadian Mint is the Crown corporation of the Government of Canada responsible for the minting and distribution of Canada's circulation coins. An ISO 9001-2008 certified corporation with over 100 years of custodial experience, the Mint’s vaults store precious metals in an extremely secure environment supported by state-of-the-art surveillance technology.
  • Are my precious metals holdings insured?
    The Royal Canadian Mint guarantees, 1:1 the gold and silver it stores, against loss or destruction.
  • What is the cost of insurance? How do I pay for it?
    Unlike other providers, Aktagold does not charge insurance fees. Since your precious metals are guaranteed by the Royal Canadian Mint, you do not incur additional insurance costs.
  • Are Aktagold’s precious metals holdings stored at the Royal Canadian Mint audited frequently?
    Yes. The Royal Canadian Mint has its inventories audited annually through Canada's Attorney General. The results are published on the public record. All bars are weighed on deposit, and all inventory is counted on a quarterly basis. Aktagold’s VaultchainTM records are also subject to daily end-of-day reconciliations with the Royal Canadian Mint, and real-time reconciliations any time any metal moves into or out of the VaultChainTM.
  • What country’s jurisdiction are Aktagold’s operations subject to?
    Aktagold Inc. is legally incorporated in the U.S. and subject to the laws of the United States of America. Your precious metals holdings are safely stored in high-security vaults in Canada. This unique combination allows you to enjoy a strong legal protection, while keeping your gold securely stored in a safe jurisdiction, outside the financial system, and away from your country-specific risks.

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